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Highly advanced modular integration of insulation, energising and storage systems for non-residential buildings


Promo material

Design of project brochure, PowerPoint presentation, roll-up poster (linked to task 9.1).

Project website

Project website design, main communication channel between the project and wide public, link to social network profiles, twitter feed online, e-newsletter subscription, project introduction, public documents, news&events, cluster projects, partners, contacts. (linked to task 9.1)

Communication and Dissemination Plan

Plan outlining partner´s roles and responsibilities, timeline for events participation and organization, dissemination and communication activities description, key performance indicators, etc. (linked to task 9.1).

Description of pilot sites and boundary conditions

Report on the early descriptions and assessment of the demonstration pilots and on the building permits and site preparations (completion of Task 8.1).

Framework on energy efficient buildings

Framework overview on current energy efficient buildings and faade systems completion of task 21

End-users’ engagement

Potential social impact of the project and user’s engagement (linked to task 9.1 and 9.3).

Initial Data Management Plan

Measures for promoting the findings during the project’s life, and to detail what data the project will generate, identification whether and how the data will be exploited or made accessible for verification and re-use, and how it will be curated and preserved. (linked to task 9.2).

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