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Supporting the decision-making in URBAN transformation with the use of dIsruptive TEchnologies


URBANITE DevOps Infrastructure

This deliverable will be composed by the set of tools and services to support all continuous integration and deployment phases to follow a DevOps approach. This deliverable is the result of Task 5.3.

Mapping of stakeholders

This deliverable will create a mapping of different actors to be involved in the Social Policy Labs in each of the cities/nodes involved in URBANITE.

SOPO Lab first session “Ask: defining challenges and formulating shared values and principles”

This deliverable will provide the results and findings of the sessions carried out in each of the cities/nodes in the first round of the Social Policy Lab sessions.

URBANITE brochure and public website

The initial version of the brochure and project website will include at least project objectives and contact details. URBANITE website will be set-up and continuously enhanced by all partners to include public downloadable results and links to related news and initiatives.

URBANITE data structure and semantic model specification

This document presents the semantic model specification and common data structures used in URBANITE. This deliverable is the result of Task 3.2.

Recommendation system for policy design

This document will provide functional specifications for the recommendation system to be developed and integrated in URBANITE. The document will comprise algorithms and mechanism and the empirical evaluation of the methods used. The deliverable is the result of task 4.2 and 4.3.

Dissemination, communication and networking report-v1

This deliverable will explain the dissemination and communication activities followed during the reporting periods as well as the results from these activities and will update project’s dissemination and communication plan respectively. This report will also contain the relevant activities executed to foster a close collaboration with projects related to URBANITE, as well as future networking plans.

Detailed requirements specification-v1

This document will contain all the functional, non-functional and technical requirements of the URBANITE ecosystem and all the components to be developed in the context of the social and technical WPs (WP2, WP3, and WP4). This deliverable is the result of task 5.1

Integration strategy

This document will detail the strategy and steps to be followed to integrate the URBANITE ecosystem. It will specify the different environments that will be generated (development, integration and production) and the tools that will be used for the continuous integration and continuous delivery approach. Tools like Jenkins, Maven, Docker or Kubernetes will be studied. This deliverable is the result of Task 5.3.

URBANITE Detailed architecture-v1

This deliverable will contain the detailed design of URBANITE: its components, modules, interfaces. Two releases of the document are planned. In the second one the comments received from the user cases implementation. This deliverable is the result of Task 5.4.

Analysis of experiences in other industries

This deliverable will provide a better understanding of previous experiences of disruptive technologies in public services and/or emerging technologies in other industries and a set of topics and challenges to work with in the Social Policy Lab. The deliverable will be presented in a medium that is visually interesting and easily shareable to maximize impact

Communication, Networking Plan and Dissemination Strategy

This deliverable has a threefold goal. Firstly, it will define the way in which the different communities (scientific, commercial, general public) will be targeted, as well as the social media will be used. Secondly, it will detail the specific plan for networking activities with external entities, including the specific working group this project will participate. Finally, it will describe the project dissemination strategy to be adopted throughout the project lifetime. The release of the respective report is considered one of the key milestones of the project.

Strategies and algorithms for data modelling and visualizations

This document will first present a survey of existing methods for data modelling and visualizations that could be applicable to the URBANITE domain. This deliverable is the result of tasks T4.1 and T4.4.

Searching for OpenAIRE data...


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URBANITE H2020 Project Algorithms and Simulation Techniques for Decision – Makers

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