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Digital Urban European Twins for smarter decision making


Cloud design for model calibration and simulation

Specification for the use of cloud and HPC to calibrate models and calculate simulations.

Final list of user requirements for the DUET solution

Validated future scenario and final list of user requirements to support technical implementation.

Digital Twin data broker specification and tools v1

Detailed specification of the twin data aggregator, the broker API including the necessary support for open linked data formats and the smart city data marketplace.

Enhanced Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation roadmap

An overarching strategy to ensure dissemination, communication and exploitation plans are linked and in harmony.

Policy Network Canvas – stage I

Mapping of relevant stakeholders, current processes and information flows.

Legal Landscape and Requirements Plan

Understanding of legal landscape related to DUETs concept and plan for ensuring legal requirements are met.

Pilot Operations Plan

Roadmap for all pilot operations including scenarios, implementation, roles and evaluation actions.

Smart City domains, models and interaction frameworks v1

Appropriate smart city domains are listed along with applicable models and interaction frameworks that will drive the DUET simulations.

IoT stack and API specifications v1

A detailed specification of the IoT stacks from southbound agents until northbound API will be specified along with possibly usable implementations for use in DUET.

Project Vision

One-page deliverable summarizing the results of the project visioning process. The project vision will be updated on a yearly basis (in M12, M24 and M36).

Scenario specifications of the DUET solution

Future scenario specifications with a first list of user requirements.

Cities Guide to Legal Compliance for Data-Driven Decision Making It. 1

Easy to understand guide for cities on the legal necessities for data-driven policy making.

Front end Mock Ups

Front-end prototypes to be validated with the end users before development. Includes dash-boarding & interaction design.

DUET Data Integration

Implementation of the necessary data integration systems for visualization of all relevant data.

DUET Portal v1

Creative digital entrance to DUETs solution, packaged and built around user-needs and not as a traditional dry EU project site. Positions DUET as a reusable product from the start. The Portal will become the basis for the D7.8 DUET start kit, which will easily enable new cities and regions to create their own Digital Twin.

Data Management and Modeling Plan

DMP describes the data management life cycle for all data sets that will be collected, processed or generated by the research project. The DPM will be updated continuously with new submissions at M12, M24 and M36.


dyntapy: dynamic and static traffic assignment in Python

Auteurs: Paul Ortmann; Chris M.J. Tampère
DOI:; 10.5281/zenodo.7062274
Éditeur: Zenodo