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Measuring the impact of DIgital CulturE


Project Website

The project will maintain a website (part of Europeana Pro) that will act as a portal for the communication activities. In M1 a page will be made public to advertise and announce the project. The website will be maintained throughout the duration of the project and content will be contributed by all project partners

Quality and Data Management Plan First version

This document defines both the quality assurance process for all technical outputs of the project including technical evaluation baselines for services and product releases and the guidelines for publication or protection of all data generated or re-used by the project. It will also elaborate the ethical guidelines and protocols to be aligned within the project to ensure that ethical issues will be handled throughout with the support of the external ethics board.

Report on data gathering v1

Periodical reports on the status of data gathering activities, with specific information on the quality, reliability and accessibility of the gathered information.

User scenarios and wireframes report

Translating the user needs and functional requirements specified by the different stakeholders into technological requirements. Defining the scenarios describing how users can interact with the inDICEs Open Observatory platform depending on their roles/rights and for different use cases

Methodology and definition of the inDICEs analytical toolbox

A technical report presenting and discussing the methodologies that have been selected as part of the project’s analytical toolbox and their potential and limitations of application.

Policy report on value chains of CHIs in Digital Single Market

A report on value chains of CHIs in DSM will be a result of the policy analysis (T 3.1) and will summarise all the conclusion and knowledge gathered.

Legal comparative analysis for multi-level relationship involving CHIs

Concrete specification of the IP legal requirements that need to be taken into account for the development of the parameters of WP1. The main focus will be on IP law and relevant legislative proposals at EU level such as the review of the Copyright Directive or the proposed Regulation for the free flow of non-personal data

Plan for Exploitation and Sustainability of Results v1

This deliverable identifies suitable ways of enabling take-up of project results in order to achieve the expected outcomes in a sustainable way. Contents include: (i) Market assessment (ii) IP register (iii) SWOT analysis (iv) Business Model Canvas (v) progress report on engagement with external stakeholders

Communication and Dissemination Plan

The Communication Plan allows the project to identify and adopt specific communication strategies for each stakeholder group by analysing their interests and preferences. It will be in use by M2 and published in M3, being updated quarterly thereafter as an internal reference with highlights included in the annual project report (D6.1) Contents include: (i) performance metrics of various dissemination channels (blog posts, tweets, etc, as well as more traditional dissemination outputs such as white papers, conference papers, scholarly articles). (ii) overview of events attended (iii) report on the status of collaboration with other DT-GOV-13 project and other related initiatives.

Database and service layers architecture V1

This deliverable provides the interim and the final versions of the frontend applications (collaborative environment, visual analytics dashboard) as well as the inDICEs API Framework

Searching for OpenAIRE data...


Il progetto inDICEs: misurare l’impatto della cultura digitale

Author(s): Sara Di Giorgio, Claudio Pradoni
Published in: DigItalia Web, Vol 2 (2020), 2020, Page(s) 59-73, ISSN 1972-621X
Publisher: DigItalia
DOI: 10.36181/digitalia-00014