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Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure Implementation Project


ACTRIS NF Labelling Plan

Document describing the labelling process and the detailed procedures for all types of observational and exploratory platforms including templates for application and evaluation.

Minutes of ACTRIS IMP meetings in 2020

Decision minutes of ACTRIS IMP meetings in 2020.

Updated plan for communication within ACTRIS

Report documenting the tools and means in use for internal communication and their performance with the goal of defining the best practices to strengthen the communication flow within ACTRIS.

Protocols for questionnaires in ACTRIS IMP

Protocols for identifying survey and questionnaire participants in ACTRIS PPP and for obtaining their informed consent.

Report on the ACTRIS User support system

Document detailing the results of the user needs analysis.

Descriptions of the workflows between ACTRIS components

Document describing detailed workflows between the National Facilities, Topical Centres (broken down at the Unit level) and the Data Centre.

Ethics compliance in work performed outside EU

Confirmation that the work performed outside EU will be done following the Horizon 2020 ethical standards.

ACTRIS Science and User Forum

Online platform for fostering interactions and collaboration between ACTRIS and different user communities.

Creation of dedicated communication portfolio

Portfolio of communication tools (Stakeholder handbook, brochures, video, etc.) created targeting each specific ACTRIS user group.

ACTRIS IMP data management plan

Management procedures of data in ACTRIS IMP, including protection of personal data.

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ACTRIS: Atmospheric observations for excellence in Earth science

Author(s): Giulia Saponaro
Published in: Open Access Government, 111576, 2021
Publisher: Open Access Government