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Towards a new EU-LAC partnership in Research Infrastructures


EU-LAC Sustainability Plan

The Sustainability Plan will be prepared with the objective of supporting and strengthening further collaboration of EULAC RIs proposing specific measures It will have a timeline of 5 years

Final Report

It will be a complete WP report on the activities carried out results achieved final conclusions and recommendations for the Sustainability Plan it will include the Timeline coordination actions carried out additional activities summary of the Pilots activities and traversal actions of the WP

Activity and results reports to the EU-CELAC RI WG

Every year a report will be sent and presented to the EUCELAC SOM WG RI The goal is to regularly inform the members of the Working Group and obtain useful feedback for the project activities

Final Conference Conclusions

By the end of the project a twoday final conference will be organised and held This deliverable will contain the main conclusions on future EULAC cooperation on RI derived from the debates held during the conference

LAC landscape analysis including SWOT and state of the art on current collaborations and best practices in EU-LAC RI cooperation

The document will include RI relevant collaborations (intra-LAC, EU-LAC and LAC-non EU countries) as well as best practices.

Updated report on LAC RIs

The report will update the information already available, prepared under EU, LAC and/or Multilateral funded projects, deepening the existing mapping when needed and providing new data if gaps are found.

Benchmarking report on LAC RI Policies and funding models & European RI relevant showcases

The report will include information on LAC RI policies and funding models as well as those European RI funding and participation models that are relevant for LAC countries

Report on EU-LAC RI cooperation models and practices

The report will identify cooperation models and practices for EULAC RIs being a key input for the Sustainability Plan of WP5

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