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Smart Cloud Integrated Development Environment supporting the full-stack implementation, composition and deployment of data-centered services and applications in the cloud

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SmartCLIDE (Smart Cloud Integrated Development Environment supporting the full-stack implementation, composition and deployment of data-centered services and applications in the cloud)

Reporting period: 2020-01-01 to 2021-06-30

The main objective of SmartCLIDE is to overcome the previous problems by proposing a radically new smart cloud-native development environment, that will support creators of cloud services in the discovery, creation, composition, testing and deployment of full-stack services and applications in the cloud.
SmartCLIDE will provide high levels of abstraction at all stages (development, testing, deployment and run-time). SmartCLIDE will provide several categories of abstractions: at development stage, SmartCLIDE will provide abstractions on data transformations or processing; at testing stage, mechanisms to visualize flow and status or artefacts to automatically test the expected behaviour; at deployment stage, abstractions of physical and virtual resources; or at run-time, mechanisms to monitor the performance and operation of the service.
The cloud nature of the environment will enable collaboration between different stakeholders, and the self-discovery of IaaS and SaaS services and the high levels of abstraction will facilitate the composition and deployment of new services.
SmartCLIDE will allow SMEs and Public Administration to boost the adoption of Cloud solutions, being validated at one solution oriented to Public Administration (Social Security System) and three different products of software development SMEs within the consortium.
In the first 18 months of the project, the following work in particular was carried out to achieve the main technical objectives:
• A detailed update of the analysis of the gaps in the state of the art (SotA).
• Detailed requirements analysis of the as-is situation, also addressing the general business needs and technological challenges that should be solved by SmartCLIDE.
• Elaboration of the overall SmartCLIDE Use Case Scenarios.
• Elaboration of the overall SmartCLIDE System Concept.
• Elaboration of the overall SmartCLIDE Architecture. Scheduling of an implementation plan for the software components of each SmartCLIDE service. This initial implementation plan clearly illustrates a first definition of system functionalities to be specified/developed for the implementation of the early prototype, enabling to test critical system functionalities and paths.
• Specification and development of early prototypes of SmartCLIDE service based on the requirements analysis.
• Elaboration of the project’s dissemination strategy and development of a set of material (website, flyer, podcasts, etc.) to support dissemination actions.
• Dissemination of the project ideas and results
• Elaboration of an initial exploitation plan, including the definition of exploitable results and identification of possible exploitation strategies
SmartCLIDE will directly contribute to the impacts set in the work programme under the challenge ICT-15-2019-2020:
• Contribute to the development of an ecosystem that will respond to the future digitisation needs of industry and the public sector.

SmartCLIDE IDE provides the baseline for the establishment of an ecosystem of cloud service creators that will be able to share services and applications that can be automatically deployed in the cloud. End-users will be able to rapidly create novel functional applications, either from scratch or by combination of existing services, and orchestrate already existing services to facilitate distributed computation or storage, user authentication, or other horizontal services that can be shared.

• Assist the development of new cloud-based services and infrastructures in Europe and foster an industrial capability in the cloud computing sector.

The disruptive technology proposed by SmartCLIDE based on the coding-by-demonstration principle, will allow users with low technical skills to create and securely deploy data intensive services of the highest quality. This technology will enable actors of any domain (industry, public sector, health, agriculture, etc) to rapidly adopt cloud technology. The cloud and collaborative nature of the IDE will allow to create a vibrant community formed by actors from diverse sectors, accelerating the knowledge and adoption of cloud computing technologies by industrial companies in Europe.

• Create new opportunities to encourage European-based providers, in particular SMEs, to develop and offer cloud-based services based on the most advanced technologies.

SmartCLIDE proposes the utilisation of existing open source code to create the baseline upon which the new IDE will be developed, optimizing the use of technological resources and the need of investments to further develop the solution, facilitating the access of SMEs to the technology. Additionally, SmartCLIDE IDE will act as a one-stopshop for software development companies since it will integrate support services to accelerate the software creation process, from specification to deployment. It can enable the creation of a market of reusable services, specially oriented to SMEs.

• Leverage research and innovation projects to support the development and deployment of innovative cloud-based services and next generation applications, for the public and private sectors (including standardisation and applications for Big-Data and other sectorspecific applications).

SmartCLIDE proposes a very disruptive technology that can change the way the cloud services creation processes are faced, taking Europe’s research to a world leading position in Software Engineering and Cloud Services provision. Ease of use of the technology will facilitate the access to cloud to SMEs and public bodies. The results of the present project can lead to the evolution of new research lines in the fields of Big Data, software creation, multimodal information processing, cloud and SDIs.

The SmartCLIDE project will develope an IDE that:
• Helps creators of cloud services by enabling collaborative discovery, creation, composition, testing, and deployment of services and applications in the cloud.
• Allows the discovery of services to facilitate composition and deployment of new services for staff with no previous experience in programming or administering systems and infrastructure.
• Allows selection of the most appropriate infrastructure services, hiding infrastructure complexity.
• Enables collaboration among different stakeholders.
• Uses a deep learning engine to automatically categorize available resources before presenting them to end users.
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