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Artificial Intelligence Aided D-band Network for 5G Long Term Evolution


Initial results in D-band directional links analysis, system performance assessment, and algorithm designs

Initial report on Task 2.1, definition of the propagation environment in ARIADNE scenarios, parameters and their modelling, first results on the performance of beamforming algorithms.

Initial results in D-band Ad-hoc wireless connectivity analysis, communication theory beyond Shannon, and algorithm design

Initial report on Tasks 2.2 and 2.3 definition of ad-hoc wireless nodes scenario, introduction of tools from stochastic geometry and random matrix theory, definition of D-band specific information theoretic framework, incorporation of channel models and metasurfaces functionality, analysis of machine learning approaches.

Initial results on adaptive directional LOS and NLOS reliable connectivity

Reports the PHY and MAC approaches derived in the context of Task 4.1.

Report on simulations of first RFIC implementations

This report will review the first RFIC designs for the selected aggregation scheme, the frontend, and the baseband interface.

Report on baseband and antenna concepts

It will describe the preliminary baseband DSP, offline algorithms, carrier aggregation schemes and down-selection of candidates for implementation, including the associated antenna concepts and metasurface approaches.

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