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Electric Propulsion Innovation and Competitiveness 2.0 (EPIC2)

Project description

Promoting electric propulsion innovation and competitiveness

The preceding EU-funded EPIC project created a roadmap and master plan for in-space electrical propulsion and station-keeping. Its next phase, EPIC2, builds on this project’s achievements aiming to complete the implementation of the electric propulsion technology strategic research cluster (SRC). This will involve assessing SRC operational grant activities and results, updating the master plan, identifying the activities required to address relevant challenges and creating coherent actions in the electric propulsion field. The project’s activities will help to increase the technological readiness level of future electric propulsion technologies and enhance the competitiveness of the European space industry.


The Electric Propulsion Innovation & Competitiveness 2.0 (EPIC2) project aims to complete the activities initiated by the project EPIC (640199) in line with the objectives of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 (5.iii. Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies - Space) provisions in the frame of the Programme Support Activity (PSA), for the implementation of the Electric Propulsion technology Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) in Horizon 2020.
The PSA consortium will ensure the coordination and necessary exchange of information and knowledge between the different SRC Operational Grants within the Electric Propulsion SRC by providing:
• Assessment of the various activities and results of the respective SRC Operational Grants in support to REA.
• Update of the master plan, as needed, to coordinate all the activities for the duration of the respective SRC Operational Grants.
• Identification of the activities required to address the challenge of the respective topics.
• Coherence of actions within the fields of Electric Propulsion with the aim to enhance the competitiveness of the European space industry in this field on the global market and to ensure validated technologies for potential use in the EU programmes.

EPIC2 will provide advice to the European Commission (EC) to assess the results of the Operational Grants and their potential evolution with respect to the overall SRC roadmap in full coordination and support to the Research Executive Agency (REA).
EPIC2 will provide updated roadmaps of activities and an updated master plan for its coordination and implementation through the rest of the execution of the Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) on “In-space Electrical Propulsion and Station-Keeping”. The produced roadmap in its implementation through the operational grants of the SRC and correctly coordinated by the EPIC2 Programme Support Activity (PSA), will contribute to increase the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of future EP technologies.


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