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Catalysing Digitisation throughout Europe


Outreach Evaluation report

Report and analysis of outreach activities conducted

DEI Showcase Event for investors

Report on event for investors and funding bodies

SAE Sustainability Models

Report on SAE sustainability models and plans

Technology & Innovation Radar

Technologies maturity assessment and radar visualisation

Cross-cutting impacts

Crosscutting impacts report on results of impact analysis

Report on Ecosystem Events

A report on each event will be provided by the Event Leaders an overall report on event outcomes and discussions will be summarised in D32

Final report on training activities

Update of D54

SAE Contest Award report

Report on concept, implementation and outcomes

Typology of the SAE community

Typology of the SAE community report that will leverage Smart4Europe analysis of the SAE community including the new IAs and their related ecosystem targeted actors application domain etc

Report on cooperation with other DIHs, ECSEL and Focus Area projects

Report about linkages established and cooperation activities conducted

Report on training activities

Report on mapping of SAE relevant competences, catalogue of education and training services, training activities held and lessons learnt

Innovation Portal updates and analytics

Description of the evolution, and statistical analysis

Final report on Service Centre and innovation support

Update of D13

Best practices guidelines

Best practices guidelines report on the sharing of experience lessons learnt recommendations and guidelines upgrading the return of experience from Smart4Europe2 and enlarging the vision with the synergies with other initiatives

SAE Sustainability Strategy and Recommendations

Report on SAE Sustainability and recommendations for Horizon EuropeNationalRegional Initiatives

Record of activities targeting national/regional initiatives

Report on contacts and outcomes

Report on brokerage activities

Describing results and impacts of the brokerage events

Report on Service Centre and innovation support

Approach, activities and results achieved

Collaboration synergies

Collaboration synergies report on the collaboration synergies

Report on Market Place

Report describing structure, content, activity of the Market Place

Final report on Market Place

Update of D12

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