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Participatory Communication of Science


Updated Dissemination Plan

This updates the first dissemination plan

Guidebook on the use of arts-based methods

Describing selected methods to be used as part of the training package (T4.2).

Evaluation report framework

Evaluation framework for communication tools.

Platform requirements

Requirements document.

First Version of Bristol Framework

A framework for issue and people-led citizen science. First version will focus on what is needed to support the case studies.

First Policy Brief

A policy brief for presenting key findings of ParCos

PD report on participatory science

Report on wishes and desires for participatory science communication tools.

Dissemination plan

A dissemination plan that will establish the approach, direction and objectives for ParCos dissemination. The dissemination plan will contain target stakeholder groups and associated dissemination approaches and objectives, including dissemination methods and their specific associated activities. The plan will also contain a schedule for aligning dissemination activities among relevant SWAFS projects, and events organized by ParCos. It will include information on project Events.

Project website

This will be the official project website, providing: 1) an accessible description of the goal and objectives of ParCos; and 2) a section containing documents and other dissemination material (leaflet, brochures, newsletters, publications, selected technical reports and all public deliverables after being approved at the review). Links to participatory science, media and science communication events and projects.

Data Management Plan

Formal document to establish the handling of data throughout the project lifecycle.

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