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Citizen Scientists Investigating Cookies and App GDPR compliance


List of all CSI-COP events - updated

A list of each and every CSI-COP event providing detailed information of completed and upcoming events for monitoring purposes

Societal Impact Assessment Report 2

Societal impact assessment report 2 M42

CSI-COP Framework

CSI-COP Framework. Public report for CSI-COP Framework (M09).

CDE Strategy

New deliverable for CSICOP communication dissemination and exploitation CDE strategy in WP6 under subtask T611

Societal impact assessment report1

Societal impact assessment report M28

List of all CSI-COP events

A list of each and every CSI-COP event providing detailed information for monitoring purposes.Deliverable due in month 3.

Policy Brief v2

Final policy brief version 2 M43

Policy Brief v1

Policy brief version 1

List of all CSI-COP events - final

Final list of each and every CSICOP event providing detailed information of completed events for monitoring purposes M42

GDPR Tracker compliance

GDPR Tracker compliance Synthesis of CSICOP GDPR Tracker compliance M44

Guidelines for CS recruitment

Guidelines for CS recruitment. Guidelines for balanced recruitment and selection of Citizen Scientists (M05)

CS Research Report

CS Research report. Public report on current methods in CS Engagement (M03)

Taxonomy of Trackers

Taxonomy of Trackers Systematic classification mapping website cookies and app trackers M39

Internal AGSEG report

AGSEG report CSICOP citizen scientists age socioeconomic and geographical AGSEG distribution report M35

Recruited CS Community

Recruited community of CSICOP Citizen Scientists M29

Project website

Project website. CSI-COP project website and citizen science forum (M3)

Web-based Knowledge resource

Webbased Knowledge resource TRL 5 Searchable Public Webbased Knowledge Resource on Cookie and App Trackers M41


Beneath the bonnet of online privacy

Author(s): Huma Shah and Ian Marshall
Published in: EU Researcher, Issue 4, 2023, Page(s) 78-81, ISSN 2752-4736
Publisher: EU Research
DOI: 10.56181/efud6956

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