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Content archived on 2024-04-19

A Factory-wide Quality Information System based on Hypertext


The objective of the HYQIS project is to realise a computer-based system for collecting, storing and providing pertinent quality information to all quality functions within the production process. The use of this system will improve the quality of manufacturing processes as well as manufactured products, and thus increase the competitiveness of manufacturers in world markets.

The project aims to integrate pertinent quality information and various quality assurance procedures used by various functional areas and levels. An underlying framework based on quality function development (QFD) will be investigated. QFD can serve as an operational definition for total quality management (TQM) and ensures that the customer requirements drive the whole production process. Starting from this framework, different forms of quality information and various quality control methods can be then integrated.

To take account of the complex and heuristic character of quality information, hypertext technology will be employed to build a complex and comprehensive network of quality information. This facility can improve the co-operative works needed in TQM and concurrent engineering. Hypertext links can also be applied to map the objects on the user interface directly onto the objects in the database, so that intuitive interfaces can easily be constructed. Drawing on hypertext technology, an easy-to-use system tool for factory-wide quality improvement will be developed in real industrial environments.

This project will address the following topics:

- Information base: Identification of relevant quality information involved in each phase of the production process in the quality control loop described in ISO 9000-9004.
- Conceptual schemata: Definition of a formalism covering the whole production process, to model the necessary quality information based on the concept of hypertext.
- Information processor: Development of an easy-to-use intuitive interface for the efficient handling of quality information in a hypertext environment.
- Environment: Implementation of a prototype and evaluation in real life environments.


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