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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - RADARR 2 (RAPID AND DURABLE ASPHALT ROAD REPAIRS 2)

Reporting period: 2019-10-01 to 2020-09-30

Road traffic density has continued to grow every year resulting in an increased number of road failures. In the case of roadway maintenance, it has not always been possible to succeed in meeting all technological requirements for durable and quality repairs. These are the main reasons for the formation of asphalt surface failures – potholes, which make the traffic on land roads complicated and increase the risk of traffic accidents. The road maintenance organization face the problem of increasing number of kilometers of roads in non-satisfactory condition and limited budget. Described situation opens the opportunity for preventive approach in road maintenance in order to lower the life-cycle costs of road infrastructure.

FUTTEC have developed a new technology for durable asphalt road repairs based on microwave technology. The crucial advantage of FUTTEC´s technology lies in seamless repair of potholes, while pothole surrounding is heated up by microwave machine FT3 and the pothole is filled by hot asphalt repair mixture and afterwards compacted. Asphalt heated to 145 °C has plastic properties and can be ideally joined with repair mixture without any seam, which is the cause of future failure, because it is the place, where water leak in and during winter freezes and break the asphalt layer.

The overall project objective is to introduce to European market a new highly competitive microwave machine, which will enable new approach in road maintenance. Using the microwave system, the preventive maintenance is possible, which could change the way of how the roads are maintained. The idea is to save money on preventive approach, while highly durable repair should be done right after the failure is identify in order to prevent costly overall reconstruction and extend the lifespan of road infrastructure.
New concept of microwave applicator was designed increasing the microwave power more than 5 times, we expect that the heating time will be reduced to les than 10 minutes even while outside temperature is bellow 0 °C. The FT3 machine was equipped with electric drive and the concept of optical cameras and thermal sensors was designed.

In addition, FUTTEC has initiated its products introduction strategy to foreign markets - Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Balt countries. We have initiated communication with potential distribution partners and end-users and we have organized couple of workshops and presentations of microwave technology. We have analyzed target markets to identify potential barriers and potential opportunities. We have submitted a European patent application for our technology.
The expected result at the end of the project:
The outcome of the project will be an upgraded FT3 machine that will be able to heat up the asphalt to 145 °C in a layer of 6 cm in less than 10 minutes even during the winter. This will enable to repair a pothole in 20 minutes, while the repair quality is so high that the linkage of newly added repair asphalt mixture with the original asphalt layer is comparable to newly constructed road.

Environmental impact:
FUTTEC microwave technology has a comparative advantage compare to traditional technology of asphalt road repairs, because the microwave technology does not require milling of asphalt and thus no waste is produced as a result of the repair. The microwave technology enables preparation of asphalt repair mixture in require quantity at the place of repair resulting in no need of transporting bulk quantity of hot asphalt mixture from asphalt mixing plant.

Socio-economic impact:
The durability of microwave asphalt road repair lowers the life-cycle costs of asphalt road. Microwave technology enables proper preventive repairs resulting in extended service life of road infrastructure and postpone the costly overall reconstruction.
Winter repair for Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic