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Widening Sino‐EU policy and research cooperation in Personalised Medicine


Action plan for the alignment of Chinese organisation with ICPerMed

The task will support the active relationship between ICPerMed and this initiative This is important for cooperation and alignment with ICPerMed to leverage possible synergies Feedback on strategic developments of ICPerMed is expected as well as a wider communication and dissemination of ICPerMed activities A dialogue will be established with representatives of ICPerMed eligible funding bodies and policymaking institutions to foster the consideration of Chinese requirements by ICPerMed bodies in a crosssectional approach Stakeholders identified within WP2 will be targeted and supported in active participation in ICPerMed activities and usage of ICPerMed tools eg website newsletter partnering platform funding database

Report: Mapping the scientific and Policy Landscape of PerMed in China, including the identification of stakeholders

A systematic mapping of available literature (scientific papers and patents) will be carried out to describe, in a comprehensive, transparent and objective manner the R&I landscape of PerMed in China, the main areas in which research is being performed, and innovation activities and cooperation with European researchers.The results of this mapping will be an important input to activities in WP 3 and 4.

Report: Preliminary analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Barriers and Gaps for ICPerMed‐China Cooperation. Document for discussion in the workshop

Results of the previous tasks will be used to prepare a first analysis of the context of PerMed in China, in terms of Research effort, policy commitment and relevance within the main stakeholder groups. This first analysis will provide a first insight on: countries where Personalised Medicine is already an issue of interest; countries which already have research groups working in this field, how far PM is being contemplated or up taken in public health policies, who are the main actors to be addressed for the sake of the project's objective, etc.

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Sino-European science and technology collaboration on personalized medicine: overview, trends and future perspectives

Author(s): Romagnuolo, Ilaria; Mariut, Claudia; Mazzoni, Andrea; Santis, Giovanni de; Moltzen, Ejner; Ballensiefen, Wolfgang; Lange, Carolin; Frosini, Andrea; D'Errico, Gianni
Published in: Future Medicine, 2021, ISSN 1741-0541
Publisher: Future Medicine Ltd.
DOI: 10.2217/pme-2021-0030