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Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for improved User Experience


A priori users’ concerns and expectations relevant to EV charging

This will be the outcome of Task 1.2 and 1.3 and will present the findings from the surveys, the social network analysis and the field data analytics.

Dissemination and Communication Strategy

The deliverable will describe which target groups will be addressed by means of which tailored messages, and will outline the tools and channels that will be used, as well as the dissemination activities, representation at events and synergies with other relevant initiatives.

Study questions and KPIs

This will be the outcome of Task 1.1 and will present the study questions per impact area and the KPIs for each study question.

Plug & Charge guidance document

This will be the outcome of Task 4.1 and will present the guidelines for electromobility actors to implement the ISO 15118 Plug & Charge feature.

eCharge4Drivers website

It will be the project’s main channel to the outside world, providing information on eCharge4Drivers objectives, partners, methodologies, results, publications, news and success stories.