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Plan for the sustainability of the network

The plan for the sustainability of the network describes how the network will operate in the years beyond funding by the EU The deliverable includes a detailed strategic plan further funding opportunities for the network as well as a report on the results of a survey that evaluates the progress of the network and the user acceptance

Validation of the round-robin protocol

After one year, the round-robin protocol will be validated. The validation is conducted in one pilot line first, with some iterations. The resulting round-robin protocol will be published and distributed among the pilot lines.

Pilot line definitions and terms of reference

The definition of R&D pilot lines as understood within the context of LiPLANET will be defined. A set of definitions and classifications of the available and forthcoming R&D pilot lines is developed and published that will serve as a basis for the further

Expert groups set-up

The expert groups consist of experts within the pilot line network and the project consortium. In a sensible discussion format, they will deliver input to main discussion points, such as the knowledge exchange, data sharing, education, best practice, etc. The groups will be fully set up by M6.

Analysis of the round-robin results

The raw data of the roundrobin tests is centralised and analysed to check for comparability and tolerances As long as quality criteria are met the results will be published and data will be shared

Dissemination and communication plan

A dissemination and communication plan will be elaborated, summarising the consortium’s strategy and concrete actions to communicate about the project and to disseminate the project status and results generated by the project.

Training materials

LiPLANET promotes professional training via teaching programs and online courses The required materials for these courses are developed by each partner

Cooperation Agreement

Final contract of Cooperation Agreement will be developed.

Standardised legal contracts for collaboration within the network member and with third parties

Three types of contract templates will be developed for participating network members collaboration and data exchange between network members and third parties as well as an NDA and MTA for transfer of materials The contracts formalize the collaboration between the stakeholders of the pilot plant network

Report on goals, objectives and the framework of a roadmap towards an industrial scale European Li-ion cell production

The framework and the objectives of the roadmap are defined,documented, visualized and summarized in a report. The report further documents the workshop-based process to derive the mentioned goals.

Report on mapping of EU Li-ion R&D pilot lines

After the conclusion of the pilot line mapping, the report will be produced and published on the LiPLANET website. Among other things, the report contains the pilot line definitions, the evaluation of the questionnaire, development potentials, possible gaps as well a graphical representation of all identified European pilot lines.

European roadmap for an industrial scale Li-ion cell production - Final version

A further workshop validates the roadmap at the end of the project The final version of the roadmap will be published at the end of the project duration

Communication and dissemination materials

Communication materials such as the website CI templates flyers and social media accounts are set up until M3 The materials will be updated twice a year to ensure an updated state Du date at 3 6 12 18 and 24 month

Round-robin protocol

The round robin protocol contains the definition of process, target parameters cell formats and chemistries that ought to be kept by every participating member. It is developed to cover all needs and requirements of the participants to the test.

Policy briefs

Policy briefs will be developed in order to transfer recommendations to policy makers The policy briefs are derived from best practices examples WP3 inputs from the roadmap WP5 and will make a contribution towards enabling and replicating best practices at EU level Due date at 12 and 24 month

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