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NAIMA website

This deliverable will be the website of the project. This deliverable is linked with the task T8.2.

Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Plan

This deliverable will establish the basis for the development of common dissemination & exploitation plan in the project. This deliverable is linked with the task T8.1.

Project Management Handbook

This report will consist of a guideline for ensuring the quality of the documents generated in the NAIMA project. The report will give a quick overview of the most relevant management aspects of the project, setting the rules and responsibilities of the partners aimed at ensuring a good quality and progress of the work. This report is associated to the task T9.1.

Report on communication and dissemination activities

This report will monitor the impact of dissemination and communication activities developed in the project. It will be a periodic report, released on months 12, 24 and 36. This deliverable is linked with the task T8.2.

Specification sheets for 6 prototypes

Technical and operational needs (weight of active materials, electrolytes, functionnal BMS, etc.) will be assessed to carry out the project successfully and be in capacity to integrate the cells into modules by the end of the project. The specification sheets for the targeted performances will be translated back into key materials and BMS performances. This deliverable is linked with task T1.2.

General framework of assessment and monitoring protocol

In order to be fully aligned during the project within the consortium, electrochemical testing protocol will be agreed between the partners, along with the final testing procedures for the modules and packs. This deliverable consists mostly in testing protocols and other characterisation procedures. This deliverable is linked with task T1.3.

Gender equality action plan

This action plan will identify all activities to follow during the implementation phase to achieve gender balance in the governance of the project and during the recruitment. This action plan will be committed to provide equal opportunities and will, to the extent possible, aim for gender balance both in the research teams and in the different management bodies. This report is associated to the task T9.1.

Data Management Plan

This report will establish how data will be managed during the project and after it is completed.This deliverable is linked with the task T8.3.

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