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Video Livestreaming Has Never Been Easier

Project description

Safe, innovative video livestreaming software

Media companies are seeking better ways to reach their customers, while end users and viewers demand more freedom in sharing information. As a result, the video streaming software market is experiencing a remarkable rise. However, there is no availability of services that permit simultaneous broadcasting to all key social media streams and allow users to intervene on video clips after a livestream has been broadcasted. The EU-funded Contentflow project is an online video streaming software that offers users a wide range of services on an encrypted network, ensuring protection and supplying HD quality. The software allows users to intervene on videos in real time and reach essential information on their customers. It also permits simultaneous broadcasting on multiple networks.


Video streaming is the fastest growing way that audiences are consuming content. But there does not exist a service that allows simultaneous broadcasting to all major social media streams nor one that lets users edit/cut video clips while the livestream is being broadcast.
Contentflow is an online video streaming tool that offers users live broadcasting services, text/chat services, live-blogging services, etc. on an encrypted network that is secure and provides HD quality video content and services to every user. Contentflow’s software is flexible, allowing users to stream and edit video in real-time. Video streams can be broadcast on multiple networks simultaneously. And Contentflow’s advanced analytics allows its users to get access to the vital information on their audience they need to provide optimum content.
Due to increased Internet speed and Internet access, there are more viewers than ever who can stream videos online. Many social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram have begum launching their own video livestreams, for instance. This trend is expected to rocket the global video streaming software market to over €9 billion by 2023. Based on our game changing value proposition, we project we can reach 2,000 clients by 2024.
We target a SaaS subscription model at €4,500-5,000/month including 10TB storage and 10TB traffic with up-sale possibility of €0.15/GB of additional traffic. Our customers are media companies and end users are viewers. In Europe, our current clients include ARD Aktuell, Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) and FUNKE media group. The Electronic Sports League (ESL) is currently testing the Contentflow platform as a better way to reach their audiences worldwide.Livestreaming can help democratize information and provide true freedom of communication, allowing information to be shared and viewed by anyone. With Contentflow, video information can reach anyone’s device with a live Internet connection allowing them to get access.

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