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Building concrete solutions. A unique additive for the ideal concrete.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ngCon (Building concrete solutions. A unique additive for the ideal concrete.)

Reporting period: 2019-07-01 to 2019-09-30

The major aim of this Phase 1 project is to guarantee the technical and commercial feasibility of the ngCon technology and provide Nanogence with a scale-up and validation roadmap of all the components that will form the full company ecosystem. To have a successful market uptake and establish the desired leading position, it is essential to strategically plan a feasible and realistic roadmap for the next 2 years’ work to optimize our technology and to attain commercial deployment and expansion, taking into account a detailed risk assessment and a mitigation plan accordingly.
The feasibility assessment conducted by nanogence addressed technical, commercial and financial considerations for the success of the ngCon project. The autonomous production of the FAMPs entails inclusion of sensors and process instrumentation for automated control and feedback loop, thus we have carefully defined the technical roadmap for upgrading the automated FAMP unit. We also considered the steps for developing the value chain required for the validations, mainly at EU level where a fully FAMP network unit will be deployed.
Most of the additives in the market to tune the physical properties of the final construction material are added to the pre-formed cement. On the contrary, ngCon additive is designed to be implemented at the cement plant, which multiplies its advantages, representing the first-of-its-kind product. As a lone additive, ngCon stands to replace the plethora of additives currently used to obtain an ideal concrete, mortar or cement.
ngCon has the potential to reduce the clinker to cement ratio and increase the use of blended materials and the market deployment of blended cements to decrease the amount of clinker required per tonne of cement.