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Verification and Validation of Automated Systems' Safety and Security


Identified gaps and limitations of the V&V methods listed in D3.1

Detailed V&V methods missing from D3.1, useful for the evaluation of the VALU3S use cases and scenarios that are not sufficiently verified or where the currently used V&V methods do not allow for sufficient confidence.

Initial dissemination and training activity report

Initial dissemination activity report summarizing the dissemination-related achievements and results connecting these to plans defined in D6.3.

V&V methods for SCP evaluation of automated systems

A detailed list of commonly-used as well as state-of-the-art experimental and analytical V&V methods useful for evaluation of SCP requirements of automated systems.

Initial exploitation activity report and short/long-term market analysis

Initial exploitation activity report and short/long-term market analysis summarizing the exploitation-related achievements and results connecting these to plans defined in D6.4.

Initial communication activity report

Initial communication activity report according to plans initiated in D6.6, detailing actions that have been taken to facilitate effective and productive communication with external entities.

Final report on the results of the standardisation survey (methods, tools, concepts suggested by the standards)

Final report on relevant standards and corresponding application domains addressed by the project and on the status of the relation between baseline methods, tools, methodologies to be used in the project. The report is an update on deliverable D6.5.

VALU3S public web page

The project website that is mainly used for the dissemination of the project and its activities.

Press Conference to launch VALU3S

Press conference to launch the project.

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Learning affine predictors for MPC of nonlinear systems via artificial neural networks

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SmartOTPs - An Air-Gapped 2-Factor Authentication for Smart-Contract Wallets

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Work-In-Progress: a DSL for the safe deployment of Runtime Monitors in Cyber-Physical Systems

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Digital Twins Are Not Monozygotic – Cross-Replicating ADAS Testing in Two Industry-Grade Automotive Simulators

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Test Automation with Grad-CAM Heatmaps -- A Future Pipe Segment in MLOps for Vision AI?

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