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The first affordable and easy-to-use IoT system that tracks pill intake with printed circuits technology


SIGUEMED is provides the first cost-effective and convenient solution to an unsolved world-wide problem of massive economic and societal impact: the non-adherence to medication of chronic poly-medicated patients.
Low medical adherence represents a heavy burden for the EU28 in terms of:
- Cost due to extra medical treatment that needs to be given and to additional hospitalisations: estimated at 125,000 M€/year.
- Premature deaths that could be avoided with correct adherence to medication: over 200,00 citizens/year
Currently there are several solutions that attempt to increase medication adherence, but none of them reaches a sufficient market penetration because they are not useful enough or do not fully meet user demands.
To bridge that market gap, we have developed SIGUEMED.
SIGUEMED is an IoT eHealth solution aimed at fostering and monitoring medical adherence in a disruptive way.
By combining a smart personalized blister pack with printed circuits in its foil (key enabling technology), wearables connected via Bluetooth to the base dock and a SW platform, we are able to remind to the patients intake the time for the intake of pills, and to track if and when this intake has taken place. If there has been any breach in the intake, a cascade of alerts is sent to contact people (relatives, caretaker, pharmacists). Access to track records and monthly reports is also possible.
SIGUEMED is especially user-friendly, even for digital immigrants.
To commercialize SIGUEMED we will create a network of associated pharmacies, which will be our clients and will shape our network of authorized distributors. They will sale and provide SIGUEMED’s associate services to poly-medicated patients, which are the end-users. After five year of commercialization, we expect to have built a network of more than 10,000 pharmacies in 5 different EU countries and have reached more than 350,000 patients through them. The ROI of the project is of 3.80.

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