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World first self-responsive emergency call system

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - VIEW (World first self-responsive emergency call system)

Reporting period: 2019-08-01 to 2019-11-30

The current conventional elevator emergency call systems have many limitations. Upon the occurrence of an emergency situation, occupants can request help by using a call button that connects via voice, with an emergency call centre. However, in the case that an occupant is not able to communicate or unattended objects exist in the elevator, the emergency call centre does not receive any notifications.
We have developed the world´s first emergency call system based upon the Two-Senses-Communication as required by legislative frameworks for accessibility as well as a novel solution for the automatic detection and handling of emergencies taking place in elevators. The VIEW system uses image recognition and statistical data processing technologies, to bring automatization, efficiency as well as more accessibility and increased safety into a new generation of smart elevators. It is composed by the VIEW server with multiple instances running at the cloud and VIEW displays (clients) which are installed at the cabin of the elevators and can be also used for digital advertising generating revenues to the owners and/or elevator operators.
Till today, VIEW Promotion GmbH has invested on VIEW system development. We have already produced the VIEW 1.1 system with limited functionalities that was tested under two different scenarios. We have also established sales agreements with partners from the DACH market. During the reporting period we have studied the technical, commercial and financial feasibility of VIEW minimum viable product for market development and scaling.
Our plans, include the production of VIEW minimum viable product (VIEW 2.0) with a price lower . VIEW 2.0 will also incorporate advanced machine learning technologies for the optimization of current automatic emergency detection functionality and for automatic predictive maintenance. We will also expand our sales network. VIEW customers will have reduced elevators’ operating costs, while no false alarms will take place. They will be compliant with safety and barrier-free obligations and they will also have a new revenue opportunity from media advertising. At the same time, they will increase efficiency of the tenant communication and information flow for building managers and positively impact the productivity of elevator service companies. Recently VIEW was listed on the innovation-promoting public procurement IÖB platform, which checks companies to ensure that clients can rely on the delivered products.