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Novel Catheter for the Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease

Project description

Innovation in cardiovascular disease diagnosis

Cardiovascular diseases account for 1.9 million deaths each year in the EU, posing one of the most frequent causes of death. The EU-funded Wirecath project aims to fund, clinically validate and provide an innovative medical device for diagnosing myocardial disease and narrowing in the coronary arteries. This technology offers high accuracy, improved cost-efficiency and greater manoeuvrability. It is founded on a sturdy non-complex base that uses novel positioning of pressure sensors that reduce the risk of hydrostatic errors that would usually lead to a diagnosis that misjudges the intensity of the disease.


Cavis Technologies has an objective to clinically validate and commercialise Wirecath – its novel medical device for assessing severity of narrowings in the coronary arteries and myocardial disease. It has the potential to substantially reduce management costs in cardiovascular disease by improving its diagnosis, and thus, increasing opportunity for timely prevention of disease progression and its severe complications, such as angina, shortness of breath and heart attack.
Wirecath has several premium features over competing solutions. These are an unique high accuracy, superior manoeuvrability and cost-effectiveness. Its simple and robust design bases on a unique position of pressure sensor and resistance to hydrostatic error, that standard pressure wires are liable to. Given that hydrostatic error often leads to misdiagnosis of the coronary artery disease severity, Wirecath optimises diagnostic accuracy and offers long-lasting benefits to patients, cardiologists and healthcare providers.
The unique accuracy allow new methods to be developed, applicable to another large patient group that has non-obstructive CAD, with no good diagnosis tools available today.
With this project, Cavis intends to support 2019’s commercial launch of Wirecath and plan further product development and large-scale clinical
evaluation studies that will follow the first-in-man study planned for 2019. Cavis’ current research and development activities are supported by
investment from shareholders and numerous innovation grants. Cavis plans to apply for SME Instrument Phase 2 funding to perform clinical studies that will build trust in its unique features and increase its commercial value.
With 1.9 million deaths a year, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the EU and place a considerable burden on healthcare
systems and government budgets. Prevention and treatment of various cardiovascular diseases, is of a high strategic priority.

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