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Melanoma Early Warning System

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MERWIS (Melanoma Early Warning System)

Reporting period: 2019-08-01 to 2019-12-31

Even though, there are several tools and solutions for aiding the melanoma detection (variable dermatoscops, full-body mapping tools and Applications), they were not able to achieve breakthrough in the early diagnosis phase. It comes from the wrong methodologies.
There are two types of available tools: 1) diagnostic tools, whit the aim of diagnosing skin-cancer without human intervention, and 2) medical equipment, which help the work of dermatologist during the examination in a doctor’s office. The problem with first methodology (artificial based skin-cancer diagnosis) is that these do not work reliable or do not work at all.
The main problem of the second methodology is the very rare examination frequency. An average health conscious European adult visits skin-cancer screening in every 3-7 years. In contrast with these, MERWIS offers a solution that focuses on increasing the examination frequency, where the system does not need to establish a full diagnosis. MERWIS only looks for evolution (change) of every single monitored mole, but with high or very high frequency.
The validated and demonstrated MERWIS prototype is based on the fact that most clinical signs of melanoma are all visible. Through using the combination of a special body-mapping cabin, a mobile application based “self dermoscopy”, and a computer assisted qualitative data analysis software we can detect all the visible changes of melanoma ABCDE.
Furthermore our system uses a custom made distributed ledger technology-based network cloud solution. Based on this framework it is possible to build the MERWIS decentralized database on a maximum security level and ensure scalability.
The aim of the Phase 1 project was to carry out an extended feasibility study.
We carried out a feasibility analysis in order to determine the potential of the MERWIS development. The work consisted of market assessment, business model validation, risk and IP strategy assessment, business plan update, and international pilot location selection to support the global commercialisation of our technology.
During the feasibility study we concluded that:
• MERWIS is a complete system that revolutionizes the process of early melanoma screening.
• MERWIS shows degenerative skin conditions in very early stages, and reduces the risk of developing metastases on a non-invasive way.
• MERWIS helps to prevent the development of malign skin conditions.
• MERWIS involves the patients through outsourcing the screening process to them.
• MERWIS links frequent screening with medical supervision.
• MERWIS uses decentralized network and database, where the processes are managed by smart contracts (secure and scalable).
• MERWIS builds the basic database of the first AI-based skin cancer predicting system.
• MERWIS has an innovative business model, which can support fast market uptake and spreading.
MERWIS prototype 2
MERWIS prototype