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A revolutionary gait analysis system for smart injury and performance management.

Project description

A smart way to prevent sports injuries

Injuries in professional sports can be extremely costly, which is why most professional sports teams heavily invest in injury prevention and rehabilitation methods. Gait analysis is the modern study of movements for the efficient prevention and cure of injuries. It uses complex laboratory equipment of limited accessibility and complicated data analytics. The EU-funded SIPAR project supports commercialisation of an innovative product developed by sport experts of Kinetika Limited. The novel gait analysis system for injury and performance management in the sports industry is wearable. It offers tools that reduce the time of rehabilitation and increase physical input. It eliminates all traditional limits and offers gait analysis at any time and place to physiotherapists and athletes.


The cost of player injuries is astonishingly high. The estimated average cost of player injuries in the top 4 professional soccer leagues in 2015 was $12.4 million per team. It is estimated that every year soccer teams lose an equivalent of 10%-30% of player payroll to injuries. This means that even a small reduction in the number of injuries could add up to big savings. So imagine if half of all professional sports injuries could be prevented? The savings for men’s football leagues alone would be well over a billion dollars a year.

Given this incentive, sports institutes are investing heavily in ways to reduce injury occurrence and improve rehabilitation speeds. Gait analysis, the systematic study of a person’s movement, is one of the most efficient biometric solutions to these problems. Despite this, traditional methods of gait analysis rely on static, expensive equipment restricted to lab-based environments only. The data analytics from these platforms is also overcomplicated and requires work and training to understand. Due to this, there is a lack of personnel who can accurately and meaningfully interpret the data.

Kinetika Limited, trading as Danu Analytics, is an innovative Irish start-up company providing a novel gait analysis system for injury and performance management in the sports industry. We are working with elite sports professionals and medical experts to develop a novel wearable system that removes the restrictions of traditional lab-based gait analysis.

Our product provides coaches, physiotherapists and athletes with unrestricted, scientifically validated, gait analysis in any environment, at any time. This empowers them with the tools to reduce injury occurrence, reduce rehabilitation times and maximise athletic ability.

In this feasibility study, the company will complete the elaboration of a comprehensive & sound business plan, identification & contact with businesses and/or technical partners and complete clinical trials and validation.

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