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An innovative axial turbine for conversion of hydro-kinetics energy to electricity in rivers and canals

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Innovative hydroelectric generator for rivers and canals

Improving the efficiency of technologies exploiting renewable sources of energy is vital for the future of the planet. To this end, the EU-funded HyKinetics project aims to test an innovative 3-blade axial 20 kW micro-hydroelectric generator designed to exploit the renewable energy of rivers and canals without the use of dams or waterfalls. The generator has a limited visual and environmental impact, which is important for river applications subject to strict environmental constraints. The project will install and test 10 prototypes of the device downstream of selected dam-based hydroelectric power stations. If used in all hydropower plants throughout the EU, the technology has the potential to increase the plants’ production by more than 17 TWh a year.


HyKinetics is an innovative and patented 3-blades axial 20 kW micro hydroelectric generator, able to competitively exploit the hydro-kinetics energy of the flowing water, specifically designed for exploitation of renewable energy on rivers and canals, not using dams or waterfalls.
HyKinetics is the first product on the market for micro hydropower sector (< 100 kW) able to achieve a Cost of Electricity of comparable with large hydro plants, solar photovoltaic, biomass and geothermal power technologies and presenting a very limited visual and environmental impact, very important for river applications, subjected to stringent environmental constraints.
To enter the market with a standardized and easily accessible market, COSBI targets to address as entry point the installation to canals downstream of dam-based hydroelectric power stations, increasing production of existing large hydro power plants of >5%, i.e 17 TWh/year if applied in all hydropower plants in EU28 (the annual electricity consumption of Slovenia).
The potential and acceptance of this market segment has been demonstrated by means of a Customer Validation methodology (discussion and agreements with big players owners of large hydropower plants). The Total Available Market of this segment in Europe amounts to 12.2 GW, able to generate a turnover of 26.8 B€. Then, after entering the market, COSBI will face the huge rural electrification sector, with a market potential of up to 40 B€.
The objectives of the project are: 1) Manufacturing of 5 HyKinetics prototypes (Minimum Viable Product); 2) Installation and validation of the prototypes in real testing sites already selected; 3) Achieve the certifications needed for commercialization and optimization of industrial production to reduce cost of production ; 4) Increase market awareness and demonstrate results to potential clients for product launch just after the project.

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