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Software Parallelisation with emmtrix Parallel Studio

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - emmtrix (Software Parallelisation with emmtrix Parallel Studio)

Reporting period: 2019-12-01 to 2020-11-30

Modern multi- and manycore processors enable innovative applications like autonomous driving or object recognition using AI. But getting the best performance out of these platforms requires a lot of detailed knowledge about the hardware and is therefore very time-consuming. This complexity is even higher for safety critical applications that require qualification like many use cases in the automotive industry. emmtrix provides software tools to cope with these high requirements. The automated tool chains help programming the platforms more efficient and ensures with a novel concept that the requirements on functional safety for parallel programs can be fulfilled. In doing so, emmtrix tools can enable highly innovative applications in industries like automotive or avionics.
The main objectives in the project are:
• Extending the emmtrix tools for full compatibility with the main industry standards
• Development of non-functional features of the tools to support the requirements for qualification
• Implementation of automated test systems to ensure the correctness of the tools
• Continuous development of the business plan and the commercialization strategy to best fit the projects with the market needs
• Extending the partner network by setting up partner organizations and performing communication and dissemination activities.
The development work in work package 1 and 2 was successful and the support of the C++ language as well as a functional equivalence checker tool to ensure the correctness of the parallelization are ready to be integrated into the emmtrix workflow in one of the next releases. This was enabled by the successful acquisition and onboarding of 5 new developers.
To make use of the new developments, new marketing materials and channels have been established to promote the new features. Besides the trade fairs that were quite ineffective this year, more communication was moved to social media channels like LinkedIn and Xing or to direct events like free webinars for potential customers.
To guarantee a basic standard of quality in business processes, the ISO 9001 certification process has been finished with a successful internal audit.
The emmtrix approach uses automated parallelization to reduce the time and effort required to create a parallel program from months to weeks or days. The special knowledge required to program a certain processor architecture is integrated in the software development tool – facilitating the development even more. To fully start upscaling emmtrix solution for software parallelization, essential features, like full C++ support, broader support for embedded systems architecture, full support for AutoSAR, full support for GPUs and FPGAs are implemented. Furthermore, the emmtrix approach allows qualification of parallel code generated by the emmtrix tool flow. This is a crucial element to be able to use the power of modern multi- and manycore processors in safety critical applications.