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A revolutionary, cost effective, ultra-compact proton therapy system for cancer treatment


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Extending the scanning range of a third-order cross correlator using a temporally delayed replica of the test pulse.

Author(s): A. Shaham, I. Dey, Y. Hefets, A. Bespaly, S. Tsipshtein, O. Shavit and J. Papeer
Published in: CHIII 2019 booklet, Issue Every two years, 2019, Page(s) Page 114 in the conference booklet.

Generation of extended, long lived plasma channels in air

Author(s): J. Papeer, I. Dey, Y. Hefetz, Z. Henis, M.Botton, A. Lad, G.R. Kumar, A. Zigler.
Published in: CHIII 2019 booklet, Issue Every 2 years, 2019, Page(s) Page 78 in the conference booklet.