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Protecting weather-dependent industries from climate change: developing an affordable service for anticipating 100% of thunderstorms

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - STORM H-1 (Protecting weather-dependent industries from climate change: developing an affordable service for anticipating 100% of thunderstorms)

Reporting period: 2020-10-01 to 2021-09-30

The STORM H-1 project aims to develop and deploy ground-breaking technologies for anticipating storms.

Thunderstorms are one of the hardest meteorological phenomena to accurately forecast, causing severe economic and security risk in weather-dependent industries. Across Europe, climate change has seen violent storm events rise by 350% in the past ten years and managing storm risk is a growing concern for weather-dependent industries. Currently, no existing service can anticipate 100% of thunderstorms, in particularly in the case of localized storms, which originate from instability in the atmosphere and are therefore extremely difficult to predict.

SELERYS has developed key technologies for storm anticipation, including a unique Interferometry sensor operating in VHF (Very High Frequency) named EVEARLYS. EVEARLYS is the only industry-ready interferometry sensor in existence today. The aim of the Storm H-1 project is to prepare for the deployment of our technologies into new segments and markets by:
- Industrializing production of our EVEARLYS sensor (WP1) and develop it as a standalone solution to create cost effective storm anticipation networks (WP2).
- Preparing for commercialization in new market segments and in high-potential EU countries, via market diversification activities (WP3) and the development of strategic partnerships in the targeted countries (WP4). To prepare for deployment, we will focus on “evangelization” and on regulatory validation (WP5).
We are now two-thirds of the way though the project, and work is progressing well on all work-packages.

Work on the industrialized version of the EVEARLYS sensor (WP1) has largely been completed. We have successfully updated our software infrastructure, our data visualization interfaces and continue to work on ground-breaking AI that will enrich our storm decision making services (WP2).

We have also finalized our go-to-market strategy, through the definition of product-market pairs and diverse market studies. We continued to pursue opportunities for market diversification, with advanced negotiations with players in new market sectors and in multiple countries (WP3). Work on strategic partnerships (WP4) has already exceeded our expectations: partnerships have been signed in three countries, and other significant opportunities are in the pipe for the final project period. We have also refined our communication strategy and extended one of our patents internationally.
SELERYS proposes several unique and patented storm anticipation technologies. This includes EVEARLYS, an interferometer which is capable of measuring the total electrical activity of the storm cloud through very or ultra-high frequency (VHF/UHF) interferometry sensors. This sensor is the only industrialized VHF solution available on the market and is protected by several patents. Since the beginning of the project, one additional patent has been filed. The STORM H-1 project is helping us progress even further beyond the state of the art, notably through the successful industrialization of the EVEARLYS sensor (WP1) and the work on creating a unique model for enhancing storm-decision making using AI (WP2).

The project is already generating socio-economic impact, through the project’s focus on bringing our technologies to new markets and industries (WP3), notably through strategic partnerships (WP4). Partnerships have already been finalized with strategic players in 3 European countries, and our services have been successfully diversified in 1 new market (with other new markets and partners the pipe for the final stages of the project).
Image of the EVEARLYS sensor