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EGO Portable: A Portable, small size, modular solar water heater suitable for different applications with do-it yourself installation

Project description

A portable solar water heater for energy saving

Greenhouse gas emissions are generated by non-renewable energy sources. Space and water heating are responsible for the major part of emissions in the EU and are associated with high electricity and gas bills. As a consequence, both the EU and UN set stringent targets for the transition towards renewable energy sources and a significant reduction in emissions by 2030. Solar thermal energy is an alternative that can considerably reduce emissions, envisaged to cover half of the needs for heat by 2050. However, solar water heaters (SWH) are voluminous, heavy, costly and can be installed only on the roofs. The EU-funded EGO Portable project proposes a light, small, modular SWH to be installed in balconies, campers or boats.


Non-renewable energy sources are the cause for GHG emissions and of expensive energy bills for EU citizens (electricity &gas bill counts up to 145€/month/household). The biggest impact on GHG emissions is given by energy used for heating (space and water heating). The water heating demand represents 10% of the overall heating energy demand in Europe (forecast of 21% by 2050). The Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EU) 2018/844, which is part of the Clean Energy Package, set binding targets for 2030 regarding renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and reduction of GHG emissions. Solar thermal energy can contribute achieving these goals with a potential to cover up to 47% of heat demand by 2050. State of the art solar water heaters (SWH) are big (up to 2m length) and heavy (40-100kg) and can only be installed on rooftops. Thus, by now, the use of SWH depends on the customers access to a rooftop. Moreover, traditional SWH have high installation costs (up to 800€).Pleion is an Italian company leading the Solar Thermal Market since 2008, wants to introduce to the market a light and small Solar Water Heater, suitable for unlimited application fields. Its compact, portable and modular nature allows EGO Portable to be installed wherever the customer needs hot water (balconies, campers, yachts, boats etc.). A reliable and simple design with an intuitive connection system and a kit with safety component will allow the customers to self-install EGO Portable saving installation costs and efforts. Pleion Srl targets a decrease of up to 209 kg CO2 annually per sold unit of EGO Portable and from a social point of view, the company will support humanitarian causes by creating the possibility the access to hot water in emergency situations. The company will target the Solar Water Heater residential and commercial market (SAM) of 515 M euros in 2018. The commercial forecast for the first 5 years will be 84.600 units sold.

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