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Magneto-Structural Correlations Under High-Pressure in Molecule-Based Magnets

Project description

Studying the magneto-structural correlations in molecule-based magnets

Molecule-based magnets are a class of materials that can display ferromagnetism and other more complex magnetic phenomena. The EU-funded MaSCHiP project plans to examine how pressure affects different kinds of molecule-based magnets. These include single-ion magnets, single-molecule magnets, single-chain magnets and magnetic metal–organic frameworks. High pressure offers detailed insight into the correlations between the structure and magnetic properties of a molecule. The project will combine structural (X-ray crystallography) and magnetic characterisation techniques (magnetometry, electron paramagnetic resonance and inelastic neutron scattering) along with other spectroscopic techniques to study these correlations.


Net EU contribution
€ 212 933,76
Old College, South Bridge
EH8 9YL Edinburgh
United Kingdom

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