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Next-generation equipment tools and mission-critical strategies for First Responders


Market Analysis, Roadmapping and Business Modelling Report

This deliverable has the goal to present the efforts towards understanding the market potential of RESPOND-A solution. Apart from the market characteristics, it will illustrate the factors that will affect the market adoption of RESPOND-A solution as well as new and small players (e.g., security centres, police force, firefighters, EMTs) and business models. The deliverable will provide the necessary market concept that is required to be clear for the development of the RESPOND-A solution.

Design choices and initial integration activities for UAV and UGV enabled use cases

This deliverable will provide the design of the system for UAV and UGV use cases, the hardware and software choices and will report on the initial integration work.

Use Cases and Evaluation Strategy

This deliverable will define the RESPOND-A use cases and provide the assessment framework for the proposed system, in terms of technical components, as well as a whole. It will also present the guidelines for evaluating the use cases and the Situational Awareness efficiency of the RESPOND-A project.

Plans for Dissemination and Communication

A detailed plan describing the designated dissemination and communication activities of each Partner as well as the standardisation activities in the RESPOND-A Consortium.

Initial specifications on wearable sensors and gear for First Responders

Report on wearable sensors and gear, triage system and IT platform for emergency care chain, radio and toxic sensors and forensic

Systems Specifications and Architecture

This report will constitute a full description of the RESPOND-A project architecture.

Training tools, scenarios and Installations planning

This deliverable will analyse the training tools to be used in the field trainings of the Project. Moreover, it will provide an initial planning of the installations of system and equipment that will be performed in the various pilot sites.

Initial Impact Creation Report

Report outlining the initial impact creation through dissemination and communication activities.

First Training Report

This deliverable will document the first field training of the project, indicating the success of the trainings as well as the used methodologies and tools.

First interim report

This report will summarise the R&D activities of WP5 over the first year of the project, relating each chapter of this deliverable to each of the tasks of WP5 and identifying the key contributions to the RESPOND-A project.

RESPOND-A web site, social network pages and open access server

The purpose of the website is to keep the public, project participants and the EC informed about the project. The project website has a public part and a restricted part reserved only for the Consortium members. The Consortium will continuously measure the number of public website visitors and post the latest news in the RESPOND-A Blog. Furthermore, the required pages/accounts in social networks will also be created.

Data management plan

This deliverable will fully address the lifecycle and public availability of research data generated by the project.

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RESPOND-A: An Initiative for Innovative Equipment, Tools and Mission-critical Strategies for First Responders

Author(s): N. P. Sgouros, E. Kafetzakis, I. Giannoulakis, D. Nodaros, A. Karatzos, G. Boustras, G. Kioumourtzis, Α. Kourtis, C. Zarakovitis, H. Arregui
Published in: 2021
Publisher: EuCNC