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Bridging the gap to commercialisation of wave energy technology using pre-commercial procurement

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - EuropeWave (Bridging the gap to commercialisation of wave energy technology using pre-commercial procurement)

Reporting period: 2021-01-01 to 2021-06-30

EuropeWave is an innovative R&D programme for wave energy technology. It will combine almost €20 million of national, regional and EU funding to drive a competitive Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) programme for wave energy.
The EuropeWave PCP action will use public procurement to deliver an EU-wide innovation programme that will accelerate the development of credible wave energy technology and build confidence in the sector and its ability to deliver the potential economic rewards. Public authorities and suppliers will share benefits and costs in a competitive environment that will foster collaboration and stimulate innovative solutions.
The programme will focus on the design, development, and demonstration of cost-effective wave energy converter (WEC) systems for electrical power production that can survive in the harsh and unpredictable ocean environment.
In order to achieve these aims, the EuropeWave programme will bring together three key elements:
- Pre-commercial procurement funding model
- Structured Innovation (a phase-gated development process)
- Internationally agreed performance standards & metrics
These elements will link together to form a development framework that will ensure that the best technology is developed in the shortest time frame in an environment of engineering rigour that will bring the wave energy sector closer to commercialisation through increasing investor confidence in the credibility of wave energy technology.
Work on the project thus far has focussed on market engagement activities and preparation for the launch of the Request for Tenders.
Market engagement has included activities related to an Open Market Consultation to ensure that the project objectives are aligned with the current requirements of the sector following the launch of a Prior Information Notice to inform industry of the upcoming opportunity.

A webinar and sectoral survey has been undertaken to encourage questions and allow the partners to refine the details of the challenge.

The focus to date has been the preparation of the Request for Tender documentation, including the confirmation of testing requirements, definition of phase gates and scope of work.
In addition to this, the partners have created robust evaluation criteria to ensure potential applicants are aware of and understand the selection and exclusion principles.

The Request for Tenders was released on 02/07/2021.
The EuropeWave PCP specifies the technical and commercial outcomes needed to meet the ambitious medium- and long-term cost targets for wave energy and will procure R&D services from the innovation community throughout Europe.
Targets align with the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) Implementation Plan and will be articulated in metrics that will set the standard for technologies to progress through the phase gates. Using internationally agreed standards within the technology programme, linked to third party verification, will create a quality framework that will assist industry and the investment community to understand the maturity of the technology, and have confidence in the performance, reliability and survivability claims made by technology developers.
Technology that successfully completes all phases of the EuropeWave PCP programme will have demonstrated that it can achieve the performance and reliability required to proceed to system qualification and early commercialisation.
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