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Towards a FAIR and open data ecosystem in the low carbon energy research community

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - EERAdata (Towards a FAIR and open data ecosystem in the low carbon energy research community)

Reporting period: 2020-03-01 to 2021-08-31

Transparent, re-usable, and integrated energy data enable society to choose, monitor and implement sustainable transition pathways. It is a prerequisite for people to have ownership over the changes, but it also offers massive potential for industrial and social innovation. The majority of energy databases are not fit for this purpose, which the project aims to change. The consortium develops, tests, and implements a FAIR and open data ecosystem in the energy field. FAIR stands for F-findable, A-accessible, I-interoperable, and R-re-usable. The EU-funded EERAdata project builds a pool of data stewards to guide the community towards fit-for-purpose data practices.
The project wiki with detailed documents of events and workshops is available here:
EERAdata successfully held 3 out of 6 planned community workshops. The number of participants from the energy community exceeded expectations. The first two workshops were dedicated to the development and discussion of concepts for FAIR data implementation. The third workshop discussed and developed workflows for the FAIRification of energy data. We have worked towards a mutual understanding of the FAIR and open data principles in the energy community, identifying gaps and action items for improving the current state. The insights are outlined in a community paper, a gap-analysis report, a peer-reviewed publication entitled “FAIR metadata standards for low carbon energy research – A review of practices and how to advance”, and a scientific manuscript entitled „Towards FAIR data for low carbon energy – Current state and call for action“ (submitted).
Few standards for FAIR and open data in the low carbon energy research community exist as of today. EERAdata proposes standards, which are tested in use cases and discussed with the wider research community.
Wordcloud of the EERAdata project