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Advanced Carbon Capture for steel industries integrated in CCUS Clusters


Full Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation of Results (PEDR) including success metrics (Task 7.1)

Preparation and regular updating of a comprehensive Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation of Results including a section on communication M3 updates M13 and M30

Submitted journal paper on just transitions and CCUS and how policy can include this (Task 5.2.1, 5.3.1)

Provision of a journal publication covering literature study linking developing just transitions to the situation of CCUS and industrial clusters togethor with an overview of potential policy instruments their effectiveness and the core contextual factors that affected their performance

Report on assumptions, base case technology and methodology for the CO2 capture integration in the considered industrial application (Task 3.1.1)

Definition of the main assumptions and methodologies to assess the technical performance and costs of the CO2 capture technologies when integrated in the steel plant

Report summarising learnings from the UK (Task 6.2)

Review of business models proposed in the UK for industrial clusters ongoing and cancelled CCUS projects in the UK to identify learnings and engage with the relevant industrial clusters Identification of transferable learnings and messages for the North Sea Port cluster

Report summarising findings from the literature review on CCUS risks and challenges, and radical innovation and market creation (Task 6.1)

Literature review including the risks and challenges of developing CCUS infrastructure lessons learned from planned and operational schemes and the latest studies on the success and failure conditions under which radical innovations based on breakthrough sustainable technologies are developed and adopted and new markets are created

Stakeholder-tailored engagement (workshops and meetings) and summary report (Task 7.3)

Contact with local communities and stakeholders local schools universities halfday workshops civil society including labour unions policy makers and funding agencies Various Months Report on M46

Website and social media channels (Task 7.10)

Creation and maintenance of the project website and dedicated social media channels

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Better Carbon Capture for Industrial Emissions - Enhancing CCUS in Europe in support of the Paris Agreement

Author(s): Fantini Martina; Porter Richard; Catalanotti Elena; Baltac Silvian; Lochner Lillian; Fleming Padraig; Mann Indira
Published in: OpenAire, 2021
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Challenges and opportunities of achieving European CO2 transportation and storage specifications for carbon capture in the iron and steel industry

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Publisher: SINTEF Academic Press

A Ca-Cu Chemical Loop Process for CO2 Capture in Steel Mills: System Performance Analysis

Author(s): Syed Zaheer Abbas, Panagiotis Alexandros Argyris, José Ramón Fernández, Juan Carlos Abanades, Vincenzo Spallina
Published in: SSRN Proceedings of the 15th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference 15-18 March 2021, 02-Apr-21, 2021, ISSN 1556-5068
Publisher: SSRN
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Experimental Investigation of the Characteristics of Supercritical CO2 during the Venting Process

Author(s): Cao, Q., Yan, X., Yu, S., Yu, J., Chen, S., Zhang, Y., & Guo, X.
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A green COVID-19 recovery of the EU basic materials sector: identifying potentials, barriers and policy solutions

Author(s): Olga Chiappinelli; Timo Gerres; Karsten Neuhoff; Frederik Lettow; Heleen de Coninck; Balázs Felsmann; Eugénie Joltreau; Gauri Khandekar; Pedro Linares; Jörn Richstein; Aleksander Śniegocki; Jan Stede; Tomas Wyns; Cornelis Zandt; Lars Zetterberg
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