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A smart hyperspectral system for early, non-invasive diagnosis of retinal disease

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Novel imaging diagnostics for retinal disease

Advances in retinal imaging are fundamental for the understanding and treatment of ocular diseases. The EU-funded XpeFundus project focusses on imaging diagnostics aiming to develop a new hyperspectral camera for the visualisation of the eye fundus (the interior surface of the eye opposite the lens which includes the retina, optic disc, macula, fovea and posterior pole). This novel camera is a complete diagnostic tool with AI-powered visualisation software that not only enables the rapid and non-invasive clinical evaluation of retinal diseases but could also be a valuable tool for laser treatment, educational purposes and medical research.


The future of retinal diagnostics relies on data-backed smart devices that can see beyond the human eye. With a rising incidence of eye-related diseases further aggravated by the diabetes pandemic, early diagnosis and treatment could prevent up to 98% of sight loss resulting from diabetes. Advances in retinal imaging are in fact fundamental to our understanding and treatment of ocular diseases. XpectralTEK is a European startup focused on the development of imaging diagnostics that aim to improve the visualisation of objects, nature and the human body. By leveraging our expertise in spectroscopy, imaging and computer vision we developed a new hyperspectral fundus camera, XpeFundus. Our camera is capable to perform in-vivo retinal spectroscopy without excessive irradiation making the extreme light intensities and invasive diagnostic methods completely redundant and radically improving the patient experience. Through 3x improved visual mapping of eye tissue alterations, the doctor makes an earlier diagnosis of retinal pathology which leads to earlier prognosis and treatment. Backed by an AI-powered visualisation software and VR, our camera is a complete diagnostic tool that empowers ophthalmologists towards the rapid and non-invasive clinical evaluation of retinal diseases but can also prove a valuable tool for laser treatment, future doctor education and medical research.
With the Global Fundus Cameras Market poised to reach a value of $743.3 million by 2025, we are confident that XpeFundus is coming to the market at the right time. Due to the increasing prevalence of eye disorders but also the stagnated number of new ophthalmologists entering the field, advances in retinal diagnostics are a global market high priority. We have already successfully commercialised our patented prototype for its application in cultural heritage and agriculture and we are confident that our business and medical background will be strong assets to bring XpeFundus to the medical market.

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