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Path Identification for Active Noise Control


Plan for Communication, Dissemination and Explotation

This report will outline the plan for all the communication dissemination and exploitation activities envisaged during the life of the project


A narrow band virtual sensing Active Noise Control system using ESPRIT for aircraft interior

Author(s): Erspamer Alberto, Mylonas Dimitrios, Yiakopoulos Christos, Antoniadis Ioannis
Published in: Euronoise 2021 e-congress proceedings, Issue ID 104 General Session 02: Active Noise and Vibration Control, 2021
Publisher: Portuguese Acoustical Society (SPA)

Application of Advanced Transfer Path Analysis (ATPA) in a tilt-rotor aircraft with automatic selection of subsystems based on the GTDT method

Author(s): Rodríguez Sorribes, Pere Vicenç; Cierco Molins, Ester; Magrans Fontrodona, Francesc Xavier; Bizzarro, Giuseppe; Perazzolo, Alessandro
Published in: Preceedings of the 53º CONGRESO ESPAÑOL DE ACÚSTICA XII CONGRESO IBÉRICO DE ACÚSTICA (Tecniacústica), Issue ID 81, 2022
Publisher: Sociedad Española de Acústica (SEA)

Identification of subsystems in a tilt-rotor

Author(s): R. Serra, E. Cierco, F.X. Magrans, G. Bizzarro, A. Perazzolo
Published in: Proceedings of ISMA 2022, Issue ID162, 2022
Publisher: KU Leuven

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