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ML-powered app and platform to identify skin changes over time

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Miiskin (ML-powered app and platform to identify skin changes over time)

Reporting period: 2019-12-01 to 2020-03-31

Miiskin is a Danish company aiming to reduce skin cancer mortality rates and to become a node between patients and doctors for patient reported information.
Melanoma is one of the most lethal types of skin cancer. Its incidence has been in rise the last decades. Each year, 290,000 new cases are melanoma cancers (144,000 occurring in the EU). The main problem is that individuals do not realise they have melanoma without having a clinical consultation (in most cases they appear as a new skin mark).
Miiskin offers a digital application that monitors skin changes, avoiding unpractical self-examination. It improves early detection rates, which makes melanoma highly treatable (5-year survival rate is 99%). It is the first dermatological tool supported by clinical stakeholders and cancer organisations. This endorsement ensures that Miiskin lives up to the highest security, clinical validity and privacy standards. Miiskin is an effective triaging tool, ensuring patients are seen in the most appropriate setting at first appointment, alleviating healthcare system current pressures while revalorizing doctor/patient engagement.
The app is able to guide users through an automatic photography process with an audio interface that indicates users the best distance and position.
Machine Learning and Augmented Reality detect moles bigger than 6mm (one of the warning signs for potential melanoma). Skin obstacles such as hair, irrelevant marks, shadows, wrinkles, etc. are avoided, while the application minimises inconvenient conditions of light that suppose a bias burden. Moreover, Miiskin maintains blurring on genitals and breasts.
All these advancements have been disseminated: Miiskin distributed 30,000 leaflets to over 120 clinics and hospitals worldwide. There has been a wide industry media coverage, publishing content in leader dermatological magazines for clinicians.
Miiskin validation tests showed that 5% of users downloaded it because it was recommended by their doctor. In England, this percentage is closer to 15%. This is a key differentiation from other dermatological applications that try to directly reach consumers, instead of gaining doctors trust and obtaining new consumers from clinician’s referral.
Another aspect is the B2B approach of Miiskin business model. Miiskin is working with European industry players on setting up reimbursement and coverage practices. As such, Miiskin is a disruptive tele-dermatology company within the European scope.