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Innovative weight and balance measurement system for Tiltrotor application

Project description

Better than a marionette's strings

The next generation civil tiltrotor (NGCTR) can work under two configurations: helicopter or airplane mode. The change between these involves a redistribution of the mass that affects the stability and performance during flight. A suitable load distribution and balancing leads to a more efficient operation of the engines, impacting the fuel consumption. The WEIBAL project assesses the weight and balance of the aircraft to obtain information about the optimisation of the performance during use, leading to an improved behaviour and efficiency to fulfil the targets of ACARE Flightpath 2050. WEIBAL evaluates the weight and balance of the NGCTR, using a system that detects the 3D position of the centre of gravity of the plane and its position in different configurations.


The WEIBAL project aims at developing a complete measurement system able to detect the 3D position of the Centre of Gravity (CoG) of the plane in different configurations on ground. This will be done through the development of four subsystems: the scales, an elevation platform for the front wheel, a system to measure the relative position of the scales and the measurement of the pressure footprint in the scales. This will be complemented with an analysis of uncertainties to control and minimize the measuring error, both in the mass and in the relative positions of the scales.
The achievement of this main objective is complemented with four specific objectives for the innovation activities driving to its development. These specific objectives are related to the development of the different subsystems needed for the WEIBAL measurement system, including the measurement footboards, the distance measurement systems, the actuation system to modify the configuration of the system and an additional system to monitor the load application point in each footboard, i.e. the footprint.


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€ 626 486,25
20600 Eibar Guipuzcoa

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€ 626 486,25

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