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A sustainable multi-strain, multi-method, multi-product microalgae biorefinery integrating industrial side streams to create high-value products for food, feed and fragrance



Dedicated website to provide access to the publications and other material arising from the project as well as present interactive material such as promotional videos produced for dissemination purposes Regarding Task 63

Communication materials package

Communication material package includes logo visual identity communicationtemplates flyers banners etc Regarding Task 63

Press release 1

Annual press release comprising the scientific and technological breakthroughs achieved in the project during year 1 Regarding Task 63

Quality and Risk Management Plan

The Quality and Risk Management plan documents the general quality policies procedures and practices to be followed by partners throughout the duration of the project Regarding Task 72

Project handbook

Project handbook containing the project management structure processes stakeholders and contacts of all partners contact persons Regarding Task 71

Dissemination plan

Preliminary version of the dissemination plan comprising dissemination strategies and opportunities identified by project partners specific dissemination goals and KPIs dissemination tools to be created Regarding Task 61

Communication plan

Preliminary version of the communication plan defining the target audiences key messages communication channels and implementation plan Regarding Task 62

Knowledge and data management plan

Preliminary version of the knowledge and data management plan which will describe what kind of data will be collected during the project develop specifications for the corresponding metadata provide workflows for generating sharing and publishing data provide a plan for the long term archiving of data and specify partner responsibilities relating to knowledge and data management Regarding Task 72

Report on the regulatory landscape for microalgae biomass valorisation across market applications

Comprehensive study into the existing regulatory landscape of components from microalgae including assessing the relevance of European directives and regulations Regarding Task 41

Report on participation in knowledge-sharing events for year 1

Report on the participation of partners in knowledgesharing events such as networking events industry salons and conferences for year 1 to disseminate results and gain relevant knowledge Regarding Task 64

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