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eM-POWERing SME Clusters to help SMEs to overcome the valley of death


Exploitation and sustainability plan I

Two versions of this plan are to be delivered the first one by M12 and the final by M30 after final results have been acquired The plan will outline i the Innovation and IPR Management Strategy of the project ii the projects assets and their main potential exploitation routes iii the target groups per project asset that stand to benefit from their use iv their general terms of use and relevant IPR provisions v joint exploitation plans for the consortium or specific groups of project partners eg for setting up a network of SME clusters for peer training knowledge exchange and networking and per individual project partner and vi the means and procedures for the exploitation of the assets and a clear action plan to this end

Skills Gap and Training Needs Analysis

Analysis of the available and missing skills of SME clusters with respect to effectively engaging with investors and relevant financial instruments as well as training their SMEs members to improve their investment readiness and successfully pitch their projects to investors

Data Management Plan

The DMP will outline the principles and processes for data collection organisation management storage security analysis and sharing of the project Effective data materials and reports sharing practices among consortium members will be set up

Seven workshops run by cluster partners to market project opportunities

The cluster partners will run regional marketing workshops piggybacking onto relevant cluster events to broadcast information on the project to a wider audience Additionally running these regional events also fosters networking between the relevant stakeholders enabling knowledge transfer and sharing of experiences

Leaflet and corporate image

A keaflet will be developed at the beginning of the project and will summarise the project and its objectives expected results the consortium and contacts Templates willalso be developed for the training material A project rollup template will be developed to be used at events where the consortium is present

Workshop co-created design of capacity building and business support programmes

Implementation of a series of cocreation activities with key stakeholders from SMEs SME clusters financial instruments representatives investors industry experts etc

MPowerBIO digital toolbox

Full digital online learning platform for clusters and cluster members

MPowerBIO website

The project website will include the project objectives expected impacts and consortium details It will also provide relevant news project results and contacts The website will also be updated with digital versions of disseminationcommunication materials

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