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Reporting period: 2019-12-01 to 2020-05-31

Research and innovation are essential to keep European industry at the forefront globally. Innovative products and design can create new market opportunities. Breakthrough technologies can deliver resource and energy efficiency, contributing to the European targets and objectives set in these areas.
Currently, the ceramic sector outstands for being rudimentary and stagnant. It has few and limited innovation proposals.
Until the moment, in the tile industry, the process to design the ceramic bodies consists of several steps that must be processed in an efficient and controlled manner to achieve the wanted results. The selection process of raw materials does not depend just on oxides, but also the physical characteristics, interactions and costs arising from the material for the outcome of the final product.
Traditionally this process is carried out with the method of trial and error, which can be associated with a higher cost of production or a decrease of quality, derived from an improper selection of raw materials and/or formulations.
The proposal of this project is a new technology that combines modelling, simulation and mathematical optimization as an alternative to trial-error procedure. Computer engineering will combine a self-awareness concept with the ceramic know-how, suitable to find solutions in a complex and heterogeneous system.
In contrast to the slow and full of error methods used until the moment, Neos proposes to overcome Excel files and manual operations with artificial intelligence technology that can provide fast solutions, focusing on obtaining the maximum cost reduction and increasing quality of the outcomes.
The objectives of the feasibility study were 100% achieved during its 6 months of execution. We have carried out different studies addressed to proving the feasibility of NEOSAWARE project, both as a product and as a highly profitable business. In order to do this, we have deeply assessed the main needs of our project, complemented with intensive work with EU Coach, in-lab testing and data collected through different interviews with potential customers, distributors and also through desk research.
During Phase 1 execution, we decided to re- focus all marketing and business model strategies looking for a huge market success.
Specifically, during the execution of the Phase 1 project. We have carried out a detailed assessment of Media Market working strategies, characterizing the target market and its main drivers and trends. We have analysed also the Intellectual Property (IP) and regulation aspects; We have defined in detail the technical needs and objectives for Next Phase; and we have analysed the main threats and opportunities for our enterprise in general and for NEOSAWARE as its core product, giving as a result a throughout financial estimations for our SME as a high-growth business and a clear fully-market oriented innovation roadmap for Next Phase and beyond.
Neosaware has been redefined to chanel this product into many possible and different customer profiles. This will bring a much larger sells boost.
We expect to achieve a 23 MM€ revenue by the end of next fase, and multiply by three our technical personnel.
Neaosaware new functionalities will let addressed many clients profiles and sectors beyond ceramics, such as mining, chemistry, metals, ...; and will ground our SME as one of most outstanding international leaders in chemical processes R&D.
New interface with added functionalities