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Overcoming the salinity barrier

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SALICROP (Overcoming the salinity barrier)

Reporting period: 2019-12-01 to 2020-04-30

Salinity is among the major global burdens limiting food production, natural or human induced, ~20% of the global irrigated soils are already affected by salinity. Seed producers, aware of the billion-dollar business opportunity, have tried to overcome the salinity barrier without success.
Salicrop Ltd, a Israeli Agtech startup, develops seed treatments for saline soil and water, which enables growing crops on marginal land and/or irrigation with brackish water. Salicrop finalized its Proof of Concept (POC) with numerous successful trials of tomatoes, peppers, spinach, rice, wheat and corn with average of 30% increase in crop yield under salinity conditions.
During the program, we developed Salicrop to achieve the following deliverables:
• Conducting significant field trials, and measuring plant performance
• Regulatory issues and IPR management - potential patentable results, trade secrets/NDAs. Invest scientific and business insights in order to enforce the company IP assets
• Identification of technical risks and barriers. Elaboration of mitigation plansLearning the relevant regulation in our targeted markets
• Establish Internationalisation and commercial strategy and marketing and sales team.
• Collaborate with mid-tier seeds companies in order to test Salicrop seeds treatment.
• Adjustment and fine-tuning of business model. Adapting financial plan to target market, segments, prices and operational costs. Revenue projections.
• Capital requirements, financing options and ROI.
We conclude the program with results better than our expectations, both commercially and technically. Based on our solid go-to-market strategy and business model, we will continue to leverage our traction and commercially available product to turn Salicrop to a worldwide leader in salinity agriculture.
Agro-World New Delhi 2019