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GRECA: Revolution in corporate transactions

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - GRECA (GRECA: Revolution in corporate transactions)

Reporting period: 2019-12-01 to 2020-03-31

M&A activity over the past 20 years has shown a marked increasing trend hitting a $3.3tn record in 2018. Nevertheless, European SMEs struggle to raise equity financing. There is also a significant need in emerging areas to enable access to equity, and only 15% of M&A processes occur in these geographical areas.
GRECA which stands for GRowth, Equity and Commercial Alliances is the first NAAS democratising M&A management. It is not only a fundraising platform, is a process facilitator for participants in low-to-mid size M&A market. To this end, GRECA includes the following advanced capabilities:
• Company assessment and valuation
• Deal-flow generation, screening, and matching qualified and curated list
• Peer-to-peer communication and document exchange
• Untapping behavioural factors in the investor's decision-making process
• Supporting post-deal processes regarding portfolio monitoring, value evolution and info exchange
We have analysed GRECA product from different perspectives and have updated our strategy, which has led us to the following conclusions.
Technical Conclusions:
• GRECA rely on the state of the art technologies that will give us a technological advantage.
• We have reliable technical roadmap to achieve a high level of quality.
• GRECA comply with all the regulations required to operate in the M&A market.
Commercial Conclusions:
• GRECA can overcome present barriers opening equity market to SMEs and startups and also to emerging areas.
• There are geographical areas that are in demand of solutions like GRECA to foster their weak M&A market.
Financial Conclusions:
• GRECA is profitable under our realistic assumptions and is capable of creating substantial shareholder value.
• GRECA leads to significant job creation within the company.
GRECA is at present beyond competitors in several fields. From the commercial point of view, GRECA supports the low-to-mid market (between €300k and €20M) corporate transactions, a segment that is currently uncovered. Concerning operative capabilities, GRECA is not only a fundraising platform, it is a process facilitator for transactions to make better decisions in a shorter time, more efficient and at lower costs. We have enhanced these features with state of the art technologies such as Machine Learning and Blockchain which will allow us to outperform the competition