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Next generation security platform to safeguard critical applications and sensitive digital assets

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - ARCAone (Next generation security platform to safeguard critical applications and sensitive digital assets)

Reporting period: 2019-12-01 to 2020-03-31

The global cybersecurity market estimated to $ 173B in 2020 is growing very fast, linked on the one hand to the increase in the digitalization of processes in all industrial fields and due to the resurgence of IT attacks. According to Forrester three main topics deserve a specific attention:
1- Cloud security solution, with a market predicted to increase from $ 5.6B in 2020 to $ 12.6B in 2023
2- Infrastructure Protection, with a market predicted to increase from $ 18.3 B in 2020 to $ 24.6 B in 2023
3- Endpoint security with a market reaching $ 30 B in 2023

CYSEC addresses these markets through its product family called ARCA. It consists in a general purpose security platform enabling secure application deployment and execution through multi-deployment configuration. From its foundation to date, CYSEC has been deploying its ARCA product family in multiple vertical markets one can mention (i) Finance (with crypto-custody applications or digital signature), (ii) Industrial IoT in niches requiring security and (iii) Space applications.

In term of sales, during its first full year of operation 2019, CYSEC has reached six figures in sales, equally distributed between its Business Units. For the future, from 2020 onwards, CYSEC has initiated several initiative to penetrate markets where cybersecurity is a key element such as Healthcare and Telecom.
"Since the beginning of the project, CYSEC has:
- Been awarded the ""CSO 2019 AWARD"" in the category ""INNOVATION IN CYBERSECURITY OF THE YEAR"".
- Deployed its solutions to multiple Tier1 Banks with on premise deployment
- Won the ITU Innovation Challenges ""GLOBAL CHALLENGE WINNER 2029 - Smart Communities""
- A first customer in the Space vertical: ASTROCAST
- Selected in ESA’s Swiss Business Incubation Program (ESA-BIC) being part of the 6th cohort.
- Been granted a Eurostars Eureka project: Bring end-to-end cybersecurity for medical IoT application.
- Started its first Innosuisse (collaboration with Swiss academia) project on Post-Quantum algorithms implementation on Reconfigurable devices.
- Filed two EP patent applications
- Attended several trade shows, events (Swiss Cybersecurity Days)"
Until the end of its SME Instrument Phase 1 project CYSEC expects to structure its growth strategy:
- Closing several significant deals for its on premise solution with established channel partners
- Demonstrating the implementation of Post-Quantum cryptographic algorithm on its cryptographic engine
- Filing at least three additional patents
- Starting deploying its cloud-based infrastructure at scale

With all these achievements CYSEC will be able to demonstrate how organisations and corporates can get back control on their sensitive data
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