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Artificial Intelligence beyond quality

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - TECHEYE (Artificial Intelligence beyond quality)

Reporting period: 2019-12-01 to 2020-03-31

Manufacturing has changed. Large manufacturing companies, and specifically automobile ones, need to customize products for their customers and so, this need has moved throughout the whole value chain. Therefore, flexible and agile production requires adapted solutions for quality control of products and processes. In particular, current CV-based quality control systems are costly and task-specific, so there is a market for a new, cost-effective and task-flexible solution. Computer Vision supported by Artificial Intelligence, specifically object detection with deep learning, brings us the possibility of developing a solution adapted to this new situation. Our aim is for TECHEYE® to be this solution.
The EU-funded TECHEYE® project proposes a CV solution based on IA that comprises accurate hardware for image acquisition, a communication system, a software for image processing and a web front for data visualization.
TECHEYE® will be a solution that will require a low level of investment for our client, capable of being relocated to another point of the production line, capable of being retrained to perform another control task, and capable of operating autonomously or integrated into the plant systems. Also, it is small in size, resistant to the environment, reliable and easy to use.
TECHEYE® will increase quality and reduce total costs in the new Industry 4.0 environment.
The main objective of this project is based on the development of the current TRL6 status of TECHEYE® until market readiness is reached and become a top of mind company for the main manufacturers in the Automotive sector.
We defined the work plan to be implemented to better achieve the development and upgrade of TECHEYE® features necessary to reach the market launch status.
Beyond global improvements (especially hardware and software optimisation), the feasibility of Smart Computer Vision tool and its Neural Network-based algorithms has been validated.
Furthermore, the necessary framework has been defined to carry out the pilot demonstrator that allow us to verify the validity of TECHEYE® as a quality control inspection tool.
More than half of quality checks involve visual confirmation and used to rely on highly skilled manual inspection.
Computer Vision technology is good at measurement of automobile parts, but not at seeing unpredictable dent or scratch defects in plastic parts.
Therefore, applying AI to visual inspections can identify defects by matching patterns to images that were previously analysed and classified.
After completion of the project, we expect to reach next KPIs:
- >99% of success in the identification of the parts’ defects.
- >20% reduction in inspection times compared.
- >5% increase in client´s profitability.
TECHEYE® offer significant advantages for our customers:
- Cost savings in the range of 5%
- Affordable price while maintaining the highest quality service.
- Plug and Play (easy and fast to deploy)
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