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Microelectronics and the Automobile


The situation of the automotive industry (car producers and component suppliers) worldwide is characterised by a high degree of saturation on the world market. Future competition will be of a destructive nature and, based on legislation and customers' requirements, safety and environmental compatibility will play an increasingly important role in addition to styling, performance and comfort. It will be crucial for manufacturers to gain a competitive edge by using modern technology.

The main objective of MICROMOBILE is to prepare a medium/long term programme of work targeted at "Microelectronics and the Automobile" and intended to act as a strategic reference for future R&D work in this field in Europe. In particular, collaborative R&D activities of car manufacturers, equipment/component suppliers and microelectronics industry will be defined with the aim to establish a network of vertical and horizontal cooperations. The state-of-the-art of relevant systems, methodologies and technologies (in particular boundary, interconnecting and microelectronics) will be reviewed and assessed. The foreseeable evolution in the short, medium and long term will be investigated and documented and the environmental and social impact will be shown.

MICROMOBILE is driven by car manufacturers with the involvement of equipment/component suppliers and microelectronics companies. A number of companies which are not partners in the consortium will however also be invited to provide their contribution. A systematic top down methodology will be implemented based on the sequential analysis of needs and requirements of the modern traffic environment, the determination of automobile functions to satisfy them and the identification of the main vehicle "on board" systems and the enabling methodologies and technologies.

A very open information dissemination strategy will be followed by the consortium and the results of MICROMOBILE will be available to interested European organisations.


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