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Nano-structured Non-magnetic and Magnetic Multi-layers


Multi-layer thin film structures consisting of alternating layers of two different materials, nanostructured in one dimension, have unique structural, electronic and magnetic properties with a wide range of applications. Ion-beam irradiation can modify multi layer structure and properties in many useful ways. For example, some magnetic multi-layers, when irradiated with ion beams show a spin-orientation transition - a useful property for achieving patterned ultrahigh-density magnetic recording media.

The aim of this project is to utilize the facilities and expertise at Forschungszentrum Rossendorf (FZR) tomodify multi-layers with ion irradiation, analyse micro-structural aspects of nonmagnetic and magnetic multi-layers, investigate their properties and establish the structure-composition-property relationship. Ion-beam induced migration of magnetic impurities in nonmagnetic multi-layers and its effectiveness for the fabrication of periodic layer of magnetic nanoparticles, separated by nonmagnetic matrix, will be investigated. Interface roughness and layer composition, which control multi-layer properties, will be determined with high precision and the mechanism for modification will be investigated.

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