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Wildsmoke: Forest Fire and Our Senses in the North, 1911-1961

Project description

Studying the history of transitory wildfire smoke

Smoke from wildfires is filling the skies. As the climate changes, an increase in annual wildfires causes plumes of ash and particulate to choke the northern hemisphere during summer months. Although these 'smoke seasons' have increased in the 21st century, they are part of a longer history of interaction between humans and smoke. The EU-funded Wildsmoke project will study the history of transitory wildfire smoke in the northern hemisphere between 1911 and 1961. By analysing accumulated history, it will seek to understand the social, economic and political dimensions of human’s dynamic relationship with smoke. Wildsmoke situates modern smoke events within the historical context to help us understand how wildfire smoke impacts northern communities, while focusing especially on policy and environmental justice issues.

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Kjell Arholms Gate 41
4021 Stavanger
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 202 158,72